Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Do-it-Yourself ITINERARY
Day 1, Saturday
09:30AM - ETA Puerto Princesa
10:00AM - Check-in @ the Transient House
11:30AM – Brunch (any known Resto in PPC)
01:00PM – City Tour (Iwahig Penal Farm, Crocodile Farm, Rancho Sta. Monica, and the famous Baker's Hill)
06:00PM - Back to Transient House

Day 2, Sunday
06:00AM – ETD to Sabang
09:30AM – Start of Underground River Tour
11:00AM – End of UR Tour
12:00NN – Lunch @ Sabang Beach
02:00PM – Leave Sabang to PPC
05:00PM – Back to Transient House

Day 3, Monday
06:00AM – ETD to Sta. Lourdes Wharf
07:30AM – Hunda Bay Tour (Pambato Reef, Snake, Starfish, Pandan)
12:00NN – Lunch (bring your own)
04:00PM – End of Tour
05:30PM – Back to Transient House

Day 4, Tuesday
07:00AM - leave Puerto Princesa to El nido via VAN
03:00PM - ETA El Nido
04:00PM - Check-in @ transient house (1st night at El Nido)

Day 5, Wednesday
09:00AM - Island Hopping (small lagoon & big lagoon)
12:00NN – Lunch
04:00PM - End of island tour
05:00PM - Back to Transient House (2nd night @ El Nido)

Day 6, Thursday
07:00AM - leave El Nido to Puerto Princesa
03:00PM - ETA Puerto Princesa
05:00PM - leave Puerto Princesa to Manila
06:20PM – ETA Manila


Room Accomodation @ PPC
>>> php 2,250/ 9pax/night (based on barkadahan room)
Room Accomodation @ El Nido
>>> php400/pax/night (based on double sharing)

Trike (5 seaters): php600/5pax/roundtrip
Crocodile Farm Entrance Fee: php40/pax

Trike (5 seaters)from Tarnsient House to San Jose Terminal – php150/5pax/one way
option 1: If Van Rental: PPC to Sabang - php2,900/van rental
option 2: If Commute:
Jeep/Bus from San Jose Terminal to Sabang - php 125/pax/one way
>> Boat Rental: php700 per boat / max. of 6pax) and additional php250 per extra pax
Camera Permits: optional: (php50 - video cam and php30 - digicam)
Entrance Fee: php150/pax

Trike (5 seaters): php500/5pax - roundtrip
Island Hopping Fee: php125/pax (4 Islands: Pambato Reef, Snake, Starfish, Pandan)
Boat Rental Fee: php1,300/6pax

option 1: Van Ride from PPC to El Nido - php600/pax/one way
option 2: Bus Ride from PPC to El Nido - php300/pax/one way
Environmental Fee – php200/pax
El Nido Sample Tours:
TOUR A - Snorkel tour to two lagoons on Miniloc Island, Simisu Island, and 7 Commando beach. php750/pax
TOUR B - Tour to Lagen Island, Cudugnon Cave, Snake Island, Cathedral Cave. php800/pax
TOUR C- Snorkel tour around Matinloc Island and Tapiutan Island, with a visit to the Secret Beach. php900/pax


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for very informative blog. Would you happen to know if there are vans for hire or for passenger ride from PP airport to Sabang and how much it would cost with the private hire and just by being one of the passengers. It would also help to know how long will be the ride :)


whitebeagle said...

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, traveling alone is very expensive... Van rental is worth 2900 good for 12pax.

Anonymous said...

Good day!
Thank you very much for the information. We will be going to PP this coming september.

joie said...

hi.may i know the name of the transient house where you stayed in el nido? thanks a lot!

Don and Ji Beloy said...

hi, thanks for this blog.. may i ask where did u stay in el nido that costs u only 400 per pax? thanks.. if you could email it at thanks...



Anonymous said...

Hi may i know the nem of the transient house that u'll stay in PP kindly foward it to my email thnx :D

whitebeagle said...

Hi Joy, its Lola Itang Pension House. :)

Anonymous said...

for the UR, if commuting via bus/jeep, is it directly been dropped off to the Sabang wharf? do we need to transport after the bus/jeep ride, how or where? what's next? tia

Ian Limbonis said...

thanks for the info