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HLGG went to Marinduque for another Outreach Climb,  but this time we chose a foundation to be our beneficiary. The Foundation doesn't have any website, so i created this post for them.
Priaseland Foundation Inc.
Poblacion, Buenavista, Marinduque, Philippines, 4904
SEC Registration No. CN200255749
Celfon No: 0920 867 1445 0920 838 2495

Foundation Profile:
Praiseland Foundation, Inc. is a non stock, non profit, inter denominational para church foundation with the purpose of serving the Body of Christ in and outside of Marinduque specifically through Bible camping  ministries, scholarship and feeding programs.

Praiseland Beginnings:
Our island of Marinduque is surrounded by the sea. Wouldn’t it be good and relaxing to hold Bible camps and retreats by the sea? But sad to say the Christian community has no seaside property for such activities. We hold youth camps and retreats in church buildings or even in public schools’ classrooms. In November 2001 the Lord gave Pastor Rogelio R. Brion this vision of a seaside Bible camp for use by the Body of  Christ. They were advised to put up a foundation which they named Praiseland Foundation Inc.

Praiseland Vision:
Praiseland envisions a Bible Camp where our Lord God will always be praised and glorified; where God’s Word will be taught and souls be saved especially the youth and they be challenged to give their lives to God and to serve Him; a Bible Camp available for the Body of Christ for their Christian activities; a foundation with holistic ministries for the Body of Christ and the community.

Praiseland Mission:
To bring souls to Christ, especially the youth, through Bible camping and retreats to be sponsored by the foundation.

As of present time, we do not yet own a land for the Praiseland Bible Camp. Prayers are always offered to God for the purchase of the Land for Praiseland Bible Camp. Praise the Lord however, because even yet without the land for the Bible camp, the different ministries of Praiseland are now ongoing:

Praiseland Ministries:
1. Sponsors camps and retreats especially for the youth
2. Sponsors scholarship to youth & children
3. Provides supplemental feeding to children
4. Conducts Bible Classes / Values Formation Classes and
Prayer Meetings for children and youth
5. Conducts Parents’ Meetings

60 Elementary Scholar
30 High School Scholar

Volunteer Work:
All workers, staff, personnel in Praiseland render voluntary services but as funds are available they may  receive some love gifts.

Present Sources of Funds:
Membership Fees & Monthly Dues of members, love gifts and offerings.

Praiseland Foresight:
...Someday our scholars will graduate and some may become church workers and others may find good jobs and they will give their tithes and love gifts to support Praiseland ministries.

...Someday we will have a permanent place: the Praiseland Bible Camp. By then we can sponsor more  camps, retreats, seminars for all ages; full scholarship for students; a Praiseland Bible Institute; A Praiseland Day Care Center, a Praiseland Christian School; an orphanage; cottage industries; help support Bible school students and other church workers. Someday Praiseland will become self supporting. 

Government Registration:
Securities & Exchange Commission
S&EC Registration No. CN200255749
Date Registered: September 17, 2002
Bank Account:
Praiseland Foundation, Inc.
Bank Account No. 638-518365-6
Philippine National Bank
Boac, Marinduque Branch, Philippines 4900

…for the Glory of God….for the Good of His People

Monday, April 25, 2011



School Name: Mongoto Elementary School
School Region: CAR
Barangay: Timbac
Division: Benguet
District: Kabayan
School Type: Public
School Level: Elementary School

Every outreach climb that we'd finished it was nice to hear that HLGG family were looking forward on the next mountain for us to continue our mission. Sir Ivan de Castro an HLGG member was the one who introduce me about Mt. Timbak, he proposed this mountain for our next HLGG event and because i was too excited, i can't help it but to continuously research about the beauty of this mountain.

So what's interesting about Mt. Timbak?

Mt.  Timbak is situated in the high altitude mountains of Cordilleras, 2717+ MASL it is among the top 10 highest peak in the country placed at number 9th and the third highest point in Luzon according to Pinoy Mountaineer, It is easily accessible by private vehicles or public transport and it is an easy mountain to climb which made it at a level 3 so there will be no problem if you are a newbie in climbing.

After all the research and contacting Ate Josie, a local who lives in Mt. Timbak, we decided to set the date for our outreach climb and it happened last Holy Week.

It was 11pm when we depart Manila going to Baguio via Victory Liner Bus in Cubao. Since were all tired from work we slept most of the time in the bus, but we made sure that Roy got the last trip of Manila-Baguio coz' he missed the reserve schedule.  Jeff, Cherry, Yang, Jet was already waiting for us in Victory Liner Terminal in Baguio and we met them around 4:30am. Thanks to Doc Yang and Jet that they found a rented jeep going to Atok. Roy arrived at 6am then we headed directly to KM 55 in Atok Benguet.

Thanks to Ate Josie and her husband, Kuya Ivan, Teachers, Rolly Magapayo, Mia Salavador, Jollibee, Blythe So, Driver, and to all HLGG 4 family and their friends.






Monday, April 4, 2011

MT. TIMBAK (2,717+) - A Holy Week 2011 Outreach Climb

Atok, Benguet
Jump-off point: KM 55, Atok, Benguet
Elevation: 2717 MASL (#9)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 3

Happy To Live. Glad To Give. (Season 4)
April 21-22, 2011
BENEFICIARY: Timbak, Mongoto Elementary School

Limited slots only

NOTE: Each participant are required to bring their donations for Mongoto Elementary School, (in kind - preferably food, old clothes that are not being used, school supplies, books, raincoat, medicine, slippers, toys)


Includes Tranportation and Miscellaneous fees excluding food


Day 0 - (Wednesday, April 20, 2011)
1000 Assembly Time at Cubao Dagupan Bus Terminal
1100 ETD Cubao Dagupan Bus Terminal – Head to Baguio

Day 1 – (Thursday, April 21, 2011)
0500 ETA Baguio. Take early Breakfast. Proceed to Slaugher House
Rent Van going to Atok (1 1/2 hour travel time) or
1st trip of D’ Rising Sun Bus Line (2-3hours travel time)
0600 ETD via Van to KM55, Atok Benguet
0900 ETA KM55, Start Trek
1030 Mongoto Elementary School (drop donations)
1130 Mt. Timbak Summit, 2717 MASL
1230 Back at Timbak Elementary School. Proceed to visit the Timbak mummies
0100 ETA Burial Rock keeper's house; take pictures. Nice view deck.
0130 Head back to Mongoto Elementary School
0200 Lunch with the locals
0300 Donation Proper for the Elementary Students with the help of Ate Josie and teachers
0500 Set Camp / Stay in the school or host family, Rest, Prepare, Take a Bath
0700 Dinner
0800 Socials
1000 Lights Off!

Day 2 – (Friday, April 22, 2011)
0600 Wake-up Call
0700 From school, start descent
0830 Back at KM. 55; Visit Highest Point in highway then or await Baguio-bound bus
1130 Baguio then head to Manila or you may still stay in Baguio
0500 ETA Manila

For more info just email at or feel free to leave your message on this post. Godbless!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ternate, Cavite - Nasugbu, Batangas Traverse
Major jump-off: Magnetic Hill, Ternate
LLA: 14° 12.855 N; 120° 38.785 E; 664 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 4-5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3

Mt. Pico De Loro is 2 1/2 hour travel time, it was very accessible from Manila. Its a popular hiking site both for amateur and newbie mountaineers. The place is a part of protected forest in Ternate Cavite, called Mt. Palay Palay and it is the highest peak in Cavite.

Few weeks ago, a friend invited us to join their open climb.. and since i had nothing to do on that day and Tsunami in Japan was still on the headlines and our company outing was 50/50 based on the tragedy happened in Japan. So i decided to join the climb up to the last minute, I left the house at 3am going to Baclaran, we met at Baclaran McDonalds facing Roxas Boulevard besides RCBC bank at 4am which is our assembly time. It was nice to see again my old friends, some of them are my old time fave travel buddies and some are freelance mountaineer from Cebu. While we waited for Vernz' friend we ordered our breakfast and packed lunch at Andoks and McDonalds.

It was 5am when we took the Jethro Liner Bus that will take us to Ternate town proper, bus fare was Php75.00 per pax. From Ternate town proper we hired a tricycle that will take us to DENR, fare is Php75.00 per pax. At the DENR we prepared our things and we paid Php20 for the registration fees.

Then we started the trek at the jump-off point 5minutes walk from the DENR. Thank God that he granted us a very good weather condition during the trek. It wasn't too hot and it also didn't rain, which was my worry because it rained on the past few days.

It took us 2 hours when we reached the base camp 1 and it was an easy trail, At the Camp 1 there are houses and comfort rooms, chairs and tables in case you want to eat and spend a long time on the camp. This is also where your tents can be set up and buy some refreshing drinks like softdrinks, except water.. they don't have it.. it's always better to bring at least 2 to 3 liters of water. We also paid Php20.00 per pax for additional fees and we ask the caretaker if we can hire some guide that will lead us on our descent to Nasugbu and were lucky that we got our guide, Kuya Topher, Son of the caretaker. Then we started the trek. As we get nearer to the summit the climb is getting more difficult, trail was very steep but with ample bamboo to hold on while the wind was blowing so hard and we need to crawl just to make sure that were able to get to the summit safely. Finally we reached the summit Peak 1 at 10:30am and it was really awesome as it offers a 360 degrees views. All of us was too excited to take photos. After 15minutes of resting, we went down on the steep path to make our way to the famous peak. We're 24pax in a group but half of us pursue to be at the famous so-called Parrot's Beak..and yes we did it despite of having a problem on the rope w/c is a bit short.. I'm grateful to be with my fellow climber who always there to help us whenever we feel that we can't make it. And yes, it was a nice feeling being on summit of peak 2 and were lucky because not all of us made it.. that's why were thankful to them for giving us a nice photos at the Parrot's Beak.

We took our lunch at the foot of Parrot's beak, then we start our traverse at 1:30pm, nasugbu trail was not that easy as we needed to trek in different moves and four of us was lost for 10minutes due to wrong trail that we went through..and thanks to the locals along the way that they lead us on the right trail. It was 4:00pm when we finally arrived at the Nasugbu highway.. we took our rest and waited for the jeep that we can hire but since some of the locals were overpricing the fare rate we decided to walk at the highway until we found a jeep that gave us a very good deal that will took us to the Nasugbu Bus Terminal. We chose to try topload (Yan, Vernz, Jet, Jay and Me) and it was fun since the view was very relaxing and the road is not rough. Then 5:30pm we arrived at the Nasugbu Terminal and had our dinner at Mang Inasal as requested by Yan.. it was my first time to eat at Mang Inasal, Chicken Inasal never tasted that good as i was so hungry on the descent. We left Nasugbu at 6:30pm, most of us slept on the bus and woke up when we arrived at Pasay Rotonda 9:30pm.
Overall, it was really a nice and fun-filled climb and i miss every moment of our climb experience. Thank You so much to Marje for inviting us. :)


0400 Baclaran, Board Bus going to Ternate/Maragondon
0700 ETA Ternate Town, Ride Tricycle to Magnetic Hill
0745 ETA DENR / Pay Registration
0800 Start Trek. Jump-off point 10mins walk from DENR
0845 ETA Base Camp 1, Rest, Pay another registration
1130 ETA Summit. Lunch
0130 Start Descent to Brgy. Papaya, Nasugbu
1630 ETA Sitio Hamilio, Brgy Papaya, Nasugbu, Rent Jeep going to Nasugbu Terminal
1800 Nasugbu Terminal, Dinner @ Mang Inasal
1900 ETD Nasugbu to Manila
2100 ETA Manila

Sunday, February 27, 2011

SAGADA, revisited

Sagada is located in the Cordillera Region of Northern Philippines and one of the town in Mountain Province, known for its terraces, pine scenery, caves and cold weather. It is the perfect place for the adventure-seekers who love trekking, spelunking, rapelling and rock climbing due to its mountainous regions that are perfect for these kind of activities. It is 14 hours away from Manila. According to the numerous writing of Dr. William Henry Scott who is a historain by training and a missionary by profession, as well as an Igorot at heart, the people of Sagada are called as Igorot, which is derived from the root word "golot" meaning "mountains".

Two years ago I went to Sagada with my friends, but this time, I and my photographer friend and  some religious educator travel buddies decided to make a side trip to this place just after our Bauko journey for us to relax and enjoy the serene and solemn place of the town that one can go to when the stresses at work and the frustrations of city life seem too much. :)).. From Bauko it took us 1 hour going to Sagada, thanks to Sir Rolly's group of religious educator friend for arranging the rented van.

We reached Sagada at around 10:30am and we booked our room at St. Josephs Inn, the largest guesthouse in town. The rooms and cottages are made up of pine wood set in beautiful gardens over-viewing the town. We got our room at the 1st floor with private comfort room and hot shower. After unpacking our things, we went directly to Sumaguing cave and we decided to go there by foot.. yes by foot.. :) I love walking, taking advantage of the time and seeing everything whenever i travel. For me Sagada is like a big nature park, it was so relaxing to explore the place by means of walking..this is because of the atmosphere and the scenery along the way. It took us almost an hour when we reached the cave and our travel buddies are patiently waiting for us.. Thank You guys! :)

As far as i remember according to Gareth Likigan, my guide on my first visit way back 2008, Sumaguing Cave is very popular in Sagada as well as the Lumiang Cave, it became the burial grounds for the people of Cordillera during World War II and served as a hiding place of Filipino Soldiers and Guerillas. Upon reaching the Cave, I and Rolly decided not to go inside the cave since we've done it before, instead we just took some snapshots on the mouth of the cave and waited our travel buddies to finish their spelunking activity.

After the cave trip, we went back to our guesthouse to had our late lunch at Cafe Saint Joe, we ordered chicken with rice and drinks, they also offer extensive menu whether it is fresh vegetables, meat, chicken, bread and sweets. The Cafe is open all day located in the same ground of the guesthouse. What's nice about this Cafe is the beautiful setting, lovely veranda upstairs and the outdoor seating. You can never complain about the food in Sagada, it is fresh with reasonable price. Most of the restaurant has a very cozy and beautiful country style interior and they serve the food with such an impressive presentation you'd think you're in a fine-dining in Manila. Aside from Cafe Saint Joe..another must try restaurant is the famous Yogurt House where we had our dinner, we ordered stir pan fried beef and their famous yogurt. :)

The next day we woke at 5:00am. We waited for sunrise at the garden of the guesthouse, and it was very cold. Sunrise came but it was very foggy. The mountains showed for a few minutes then disappeared because of the fog. When the sun totally came up we went to Episcopal Church and took some snapshots on the place but we didn't stay for long since we have to pack our things to catch the 10am bus going to Baguio. I also had a chance to drop by at Bana's Cafe and bought some coffee for pasalubong. We left Sagada at 10am bound to Baguio, its a 6 hours trip. Then we reached the Victory Liner  Baguio Terminal at around 4:30pm and we have no choice but to get the available trip to Manila at 10:50pm  but it was okay since i had my iTouch and  Sir Rolly was there sharing some funny and interesting stories on his travel and photography experiences.

 "Anti-Social in Victory Liner Terminal" by ROLLY MAGAPAYO

I'm thankful and happy, Shangrila indeed! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I had a chance to visit the most populous town in Mountain Province, Bauko. It was a great opportunity to be invited by Rolly Magpayo together with Cherry Madriaga, a photographer friends from Digital Photographer Philippines forum. I think the most exciting part here was I'm with a new set of travel companion. It was our first time to be with each other on this kind of trip and i enjoyed being with them because I was able to gain more insight into a place and share travel experiences with them, this is exactly what travel companion provides..and I'm happy with it. ^_^

Bauko was created as a regular municipality in 1911 and it is the 4th class municipality in the province of Mountain Province, Philippines and subdivided into 22 barangays, divided into the upper and lower areas. Getting there takes 12hours from Manila and 6hours if coming from Baguio. One of the famous resident is the late Marky Cielo, the first known Igorot-actor in Philippine showbiz. He is notable for his win in the reality talent competiton StarStruck (March 12, 2006).

Rolly and I left Manila at around 11:45pm going to Baguio via Deluxe bus of Victory Liner and arrives 4:30am. We waited and meet Cherry at the Terminal then we proceed to Slaughter's House to catch the 7am last trip of bus going to Bauko. Were lucky enough that we got the three last seats of the bus. It took us 6 hours from Baguio including two stop-over.

We stayed at the house of Rolly's friend, It is a two-story house, more modern than the tradional Igorot houses. When we arrived there were many people around the house and they were busy preparing for the next day wedding of Rolly's friend.

There were pigs and cows that has been butchered as there were tremendous numbers of people expected to be around during the celebration. The relatives and some friends share their helping hands to do all the cooking, serving and all that what was to be done.

It was a great experience for me since it was my first time to witness a traditional with slightly modern-like wedding of Igorot. The celebration last for about 2 days. It was not just for direct relatives and friends, almost the whole community was welcomed to join, and as a custom, they have to be hosted and food was distributed to people who came in because they need to be fed as well, at the same time, those people was generous enough to gave money or gifts to the couple.

Celebration includes the traditional wedding dance of couple by the used of Gong, food was served in different menu of pork and beef as a main dish, macaroni salad for dessert, and tons of rice wine.

How to Get there:
1 Take Victory Liner Bus bound to Baguio (6 hours travel time), departs every hour.
2. Take a bus at the Slaughters house in  Baguio bound to Otucan Sur(6 hours travel time), departs 6am and 7am.

Thanks to Rolly for inviting us to this trip. Cheers! ^_^

Monday, December 6, 2010


School Name: Banaue Central School
School Region: CAR
Barangay: Pasnacan 
Division: Banaue
District: Ifugao
School Type: Public
School Level: Elementary & High-School

Season 3 outreach climb is consist of bubbly, funny & determined individuals. We inspired each other on our own little way. We only have one goal and that is to be of help on the children located in one of the remote places in the country.   

Few months before the activity was a very challenging role for us, were running out of sponsors, no replies on the sent proposal from the company we asked for help, but then thank God that he heard us two days before our trip, I received a call from one of our sponsors that our textbook request has been approved and ready for pick-up on the day of our departure.

 Our sponsor donated 20 boxes of books equivalent to 1000pcs assorted textbooks w/c is good for 211 elementary students of Banaue Central School, thank you so much to Ms. Jeanne Fontellera of REX Publishing that they never failed to support our project.

And through the help of Mr. Ivan, a free-lance mountaineer and one of the organizer of HLGG team, we also brought boxes of school supplies and a set of Desktop PC  donated by their company, namely Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), special thanks to Mr. Michael Lee for approving the said donations.  And of course all the participants brought their own donations for the kids, such as school supplies, clothes, medicine and sack of slippers.

So how did our group get those 30 boxes of donations all the way up to Banaue and Batad? Dr. Dianne De Jesus and Mr. Lee Jay Balongoy of HLGG 3 offered their pick-up car, were able to deposit all 20boxes of book donation at the bus depot, same thing with Mr. Ivan who used his own car to get the remaining boxes of school supplies, PC, and slippers. We had to pay the bus conductor when we boarded the bus with all our “excess baggage” to place at the compartment. Thanks to Mr. Cliff Imayaho owner of Ohayami Bus Trans for giving us 20% discount on the excess baggage that we have.

  We did the outreach on the first day, and all of us were overwhelmed when the school gave us a plaque of appreciation coz no one from us are expecting on it. Were just there to help and we never ask for anything in return but their way of recognition really touched our hearts.


 Before we start the distribution of donations they also prepare an ethnic ensemble presentation for us, kids are amazing on their dance number w/c shows the tradition and culture of the Igorots in Ifugao Province.

 They are very smart as well, once you see them, you will realize how life is good to each and everyone.They live a simple life and just imagine that they do travel to the school at least (1-2) hours a day by foot depending on their location, though must say it takes 2hours hike for them up and down in a rough and slippery steps and narrow trail.

The school supplies distribution went out good with the help of the teachers and HLGG team. It is uplifting to know that we are taking action to help those children to pursue their education despite of their situation in the mountain. Seeing their smile truly paid off all our tired body and makes me think that it’s definitely must be heartwarming for parents to see their children having a new school supplies, books and slippers.

~ Random Photos from HLGG 3 ~
Photo by RYAN ERES: “I had a great experience with my first outreach. Meeting with different dedicated people from different fields, ifugao tribes their customs and traditon and appreciate the hidden beauty of our nature that we need to be proud of more than other territories in the world. Proud to be pinoy talaga!!! =)”
Photo by GLENWEY FUENTES: “This kiddo made me more realize that LIFE is so beautiful despite of every failures.. John Michael, 9 years old, born with a cerebral palsy”
Photo by VERNZ FABROA: “hlgg - you make me smile! ^__^”

Photo by YAN BAGARINAO: “Huling hirit/gala ko for 2010 and I must say that it's a perfect way to end this year Salamat sa mga bagong kaibigan, kitakits sa susunod na HLGG. I had so much fun promise, sana kayo rin :D Isabay ang gala sa pagtulong sa kapwa ;)”

Thanks to HLGG 3 (Ivan De Castro, Madz Crisostomo, Yan Bagarinao, Anne Christine Umagat, Dario Umagat, Aleli Umagat, Glenwey Fuentes, Ryan Eres, Heinz Agatep, Pia Hyacynth Peniano, Vernie Fabroa, Shiela Liban, Lee Jay Balongoy, Dianne De Jesus, Jet Dator, Jet Reyes, and Kenneth)


Saturday, December 4, 2010


Yes its not an ordinary trip :) why? because we chose not to just visit and enjoy God's gift of nature but to help those children in Ifugao Province, most especially who resides in Banaue and Batad. The place is part of Cordillera Administrative Region of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Claimed to be the eight wonder of the world and included at UNESCO World Heritage. Batad is a village known for being the old head hunter tribe territory and has become something obligatory pilrimage for visitors looking for splendid rural isolation and unforgtatable extensive rice-terraces scenery, nestles in a natural ampitheater and close to the glorious Tappiya Waterfalls which is 21m high and has deep bracing pool for swimming. The perfect land for trekking with incomparable scenery.


Manila-Banaue (Ohayami Bus Trans) - Php400.00/pax
Banaue-Batad Junction (Jeep) - Php3000.00/18pax/roundtrip
Banaue-Manila (via Florida Bus) - Php400.00/pax

Registration / Guide:
Banaue Tourism Office (Registration Fee) - Php20.00/pax
Tour Guide Fee (Banaue & Batad) - Php2000/18pax/2days 
- Main Viewpoint 
- Hiwang Viewpoint
- Batad Ampi-theater
- Tappiya Waterfalls
Porter (optional) - Php300/pax

Mang Ramon Homestay - Php300.00/pax/night 


Mang Ramon Homestay
Ms. Irene - 09169848380

Mr. Wilkie Banglig - 09396420468


Day 0, Nov. 27, 2010 (Saturday) 
0900PM - Assembly at Ohayami Bus Station in Sampaloc, Manila
1000PM - ETD Manila to Banaue

Day 1, Nov. 28, 2010 (Sunday)
0600AM - 0700AM - ETA Banaue , breakfast
0700AM - 0900AM - Mainviewpoint
0900AM - 1000AM - Hiwang Bestview
1000AM - 1100AM - Ride to Batad Junction via rented jeep
1100AM - 0100PM - Trek to Batad
0100PM - 0200PM - Lunch
0200PM - 0500PM - School Outreach (book and school supplies donations)
0500PM - 0600PM - Back to Guesthouse
0600PM - 0700PM - Dinner
0700PM - 0800PM - Free time, Socials, Tapoy Time!!
1000PM - Lights Off!

Day 2, Nov. 29, 2010 (Monday-Holiday)
0600AM - 0700AM - Wake-up Call, Breakfast
0700AM - 0800AM - Cultural Immersion
0800AM - 0900AM - Trek to Tappiyah Waterfalls
0900AM - 1000AM - Swimming, Photo-Ops
1000AM - 1100AM - Trek back to Main Batad Village
1100AM - 0100PM - Lunch, Bagpacking
0100PM - 0300PM - Trek to Batad Junction
0300PM - 0400PM - Ride back to Main Banaue
0400PM - 0600PM - Rest, Prepare
0600PM - ETD Banaue to Manila

0300AM - ETA Manila  

“When you help someone up a steep hill, you get nearer the top yourself.”

Friday, November 26, 2010


Day 1, Friday
0530AM – 0600AM – Assembly Time NAIA Terminal 3
0600AM - 0710AM – Boarding of Passenger
0710AM - 0900AM – Manila to Gensan
0900AM - 1000AM – Airport to Gensan (Bulaong Terminal)
1000AM – 1130AM – Gensan (Bulaong Terminal) to Marvel
1130AM – 1215NN – Marvel to Surallah
1215NN – 0130PM – Surallah to Lake Sebu
0130PM – 0200PM – Check-in @ Punta Isla Resort, Rest, Prepare
0200PM – 0220PM – Habal-Habal Ride going to Zipline
0220PM – 0500PM – Zipline, Trek, Falls, Photo-Ops
0500PM – 0520PM – Back to Resort
0520PM – 0700PM – Rest, Prepare, Take a Bath
0700PM – 0800PM – Dinner, Cultural Show
0900PM - Lights Off!

Day 2, Saturday 
0430AM – 0530AM – Wake-up Call, Prepare
0530AM – 0730AM – Check-out @ Punta Isla Resort, Habal-Habal Ride going to Surallah
0730AM – 0815AM – Surallah to Marvel
0815AM – 1000AM – Marvel to Gensan
1000AM – 1200NN – Gensan AGP Terminal to Maitum
1200NN – 1200PM – Maitum Town Proper to Brgy. New La Union
1230PM – 0200PM – Pangi White Water Tubing
0200PM – 0230PM - Brgy. New La Union to Maitum Town Proper
0230PM – 0430PM – Maitum to Gensan AGP Terminal
0430PM – 0500PM – Gensan AGP Terminal to Gensan KCC Mall
0500PM – 0600PM – Gensan KCC Mall to Glan, Sarangani
0600PM – 0620PM – Glan, Sarangani Town Proper to Gumasa Beach
0620PM – 0630PM – Check-in @ White Haven Resort
0630PM – 0800PM – Prepare, Dinner
0800PM – 0830PM – Rest, Lights Off!

Day 3, Sunday
0530AM – 0600AM – Wake-up Call
0600AM – 0730AM – Swimming, Photo-Ops
0730AM – 0800AM – Take a bath, Prepare, Resort Check-out
0800AM – 0820AM - Gumasa Beach to Glan, Sarangani Town Proper
0820AM - 0930AM – Glan, Sarangani Town Proper to Gensan KCC Mall
0930AM – 1000AM – Gensan KCC Mall to Panatalan (Sweets Pasalubong)
1000AM – 1100AM – Pantalan to Citra Mina (Tuna Pasalubong)
1100AM – 1230PM – Citra Mina to Hannoks Grill & Resto (Lunch)
1230PM – 0100PM – Hannoks to KCC Mall (Buy Souvenir Shirt)
0100PM – 0200PM – KCC Mall to Gensan Airport
0200PM - 0245PM – Boarding of Passenger
0245PM – 0400PM – Gensan to Manila