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Saturday, September 12, 2009

BOHOL (City of Friendship)

Bohol is the 10th largest island in the Philippines located on the Central Visayas region. Its Capital is Tagbilaran City wherein the airport is located.


ALONA BEACH, Panglao Island

The main island is surrounded by about 73 smaller islands, the largest of which are Panglao Island facing Tagbilaran City in the southwest and Lapinig Island in the northeast, but the famous one is the Panglao Island where you can find easy-access establishment along the shore while communing the nature on its fine white sand beaches and it is generally associated with Alona Beach - a congested strip of resorts and dive centres on the far west side. While Alona doesn't necessarily afford much sunbathing privacy, it's a logical choice for those who demand tropical drinks at beachside bars after diving.


If you are fond on Aquamarine thing you can also try to visit Balicasag Island - the best diving site of Bohol. Dolphin watching is one of the activities that you can also try, i suggest you wake-up in the morning as early as possible and catch a boat that will bring you there, groups of dolphin can be seen near in the Island of Balicasag.


If you want to witness a beautiful low-tide in the offing better go to Virgin Island at around 11 o'clock in the morning and you'll be amazed on the breath-taking view that it can offer.

ANGELO JUMPSHOT, virgin island


Loboc-Loay River Cruise (Loboc) - View the majestic panorama of the nipa palm plantation along the Loboc - Loay River. Sometimes wild ducks are seen feeding and swimming in the river. While cruising buffet lunch will be served on board.

Hanging bridge – (Tigbao) , For a new spin on the term “Hanging out,” we check-out this spot, Cross the bridge and test our fun, fearless factor by allowing the bridge to sway and swing. Hold on tight though, and i advise do not try it if your heart is weak! and at the other side we got a chance to meet BUKO King and souvenir stores also awaits us in which we bought a factory price peanut kisses and kalamay sa bao.

Man Made Forest (Bilar) - When you enter this area, you feel like you are entering another world, one that is refreshing and you can taste and feel the fresh air around you. In 1960’s, a nationwide reforestation program was launched by the Philippine government. Mahogany seedlings were planted on a cleared area of 857 hectares in Bilar and Loboc towns. Fast track to the 21st century, the mahogany seeds planted almost half a century ago has grown into a breathtaking view and feel the coolness of the air and view the awesome display the thousands Mahogany Tree painstakingly planted by the local people.

Adding to the grandeur of the forest is the road Boholanos call the “tina-i sa manok” (chicken’s intestines) which refers to the winding road up the mountain of Loboc going towards Bilar. Leaving the populated barrios behind, the road up the mountain is steep and on one side, a deep ravine which are all densely forested. The steep and winding road plus the ravine does not hinder the local drivers. They maneuver the road with the agility and speed of experts; a feat acquired thru constant practice.
When you take the Bohol tour, make sure to tell your guide to stop here. When you make your stop here, you will feel the abrupt change in temperature especially during summer or hot season. The overhanging trees provide a cool breeze even during the summer season. This mountain area seldom sees the sunshine and most often than not, it rains here. Local folks attribute these to the presence of the dense forest.

Butterfly Garden (Maribojoc)
– want to learn more about butterflies?? Well these one is for you because upon entering the garden the tour guide will assist you and tell you about the butterfly life cycle, and types of butterflies among others. They would let you hold of the butterflies, and it was fun!

Chocolate Hills (Carmen) - major tourist draw of the province w/c was considered one of Philippine's natural wonders. So feast your eyes on the breathtaking work of nature, one thousand two hundred sixty eight (1,268) haycock hills uniformly cone-shaped limestone hills were named that way because in the summer, the grass growing on the hills turn brown, making the landscape look like it had chocolate mounds all over.

Philippine Tarsier, Tarsius syrichta (Loboc) - See the smallest primate in the world, its name is derived from its elongated "tarsus" or anklebone. Known locally as the Maumag in Cebuano/Visayan, is an endangered tarsier species endemic to the Philippines. Were not allowed to hold them but we’d successfully kissed them and it doesn’t smell good..=D

Bohol Python (Antequera) - The female python, Prony, a 200-kilo reptile (and growing), is one of the pride of this town. She was found in a cemetery in 1996 and have grown abnormally to its massive size that experts say she is currently as big as a 40-year old python. Unfortunately, she was sleeping that time.

Baclayon Church (Baclayon) - Behold an old stone church along with its religious relics dating back to the early 16th century inside the museum. It is considered as the second oldest stone church in the Philippines.

Blood Compact Site (Tagbilaran City) - View the spot where the Spaniards and the Filipinos fostered friendly relations through blood. This is considered as the 1st Seed of the United Nations and 1st Treaty of Friendship between the brown and the white race.

Hinagdanan Cave (Panglao) – One of the famous cave in Bohol. It is a naturally lighted cavern with a deep lagoon and many large stalactites and stalagmites. We really did not stay here much because there is a video & photo shooting on the other side of Lagoon, but we enjoy our souvenir shopping outside the cave because it is cheaper than other souvenir stores.


Day 1, Sunday
08:00am - Meeting Time at Airport
09:25am - Boarding of Passenger ETD Manila to Tagbilaran
10:25am - ETA Tagbilaran Airport
11:00am – Lunch @ Loboc River Floating Resto
12:30pm – Hanging Bridge
01:30pm – Man-Made Forest
02:00pm – Butterfly Garden
02:30pm – Chocolate Hills
04:00pm – Tarsier Sanctuary
04:30pm – Bohol Python
05:00pm – Baclayon Church
05:30pm – Blood Compact
06:00pm – Check-in @ the Hotel
07:00pm – Rest, Prepare, Take a Bath
08:00pm – Dinner Time
10:00pm – Lights-off!

Day 2, Monday
04:30am – Wake-up
05:00am – Breakfast
06:00am – Dolphin Watching
07:30am – Balicasag Island (Snorkeling)
10:00am – Virgin Island (Beach Bumming)
12:00nn – Back to Hotel
01:00pm – Lunch Time
02:00pm – Prepare, Take a Bath, Rest
05:00pm – Alona Beach Bumming
08:30pm – Back to Hotel
09:30pm – Dinner Time
10:00pm – Rest, Prepare, Take a Bath
10:30pm – Lights-off!

Day 3, Tuesday
07:00am – Wake-up
08:00am – Breakfast
09:00am – Check-out @ the Hotel
09:30am – Hinagdangan Cave
10:00am – ETA Tagbilaran Airport
11:00am – due to delayed flight we decided to eat Lunch @ Tagbilaran Mall
12:00nn – Buy Handicraft Souvenirs @ Marcela Road
01:00pm – Boarding of Passenger
02:00pm – ETA Manila Domestic Airport


Airfare: Php1730 (Roundtrip)
Terminal Fee (Manila to Tagbilaran): Php200
Terminal Fee (Tagvilaran to Manila): Php20

1 x Family Air-con Room: Php1550/night/good for 6pax
1 x Small Standard Back Air-con Room: Php650/night/good for 2pax
Total for 2 Nights = Php 550/pax

Rented Van: Php2500 divide by 8pax = Php312.50/pax
Loboc River Floating Resto: Php300/pax – Buffet Lunch
Hanging Bridge: Php10/pax
Butterfly Garden: Php20/pax
Chocolate Hills: Php50/pax
Tarsier Sanctuary & Bohol Python: (Donations Only)
Hinagdangan Cave: Php15/pax

Island Hopping Package Tour Fee: Php2000 divide by 8pax = Php250/pax
Snorkeling Gear: Php30/pax

Noodles, Salted Egg, Rice, Chicken Barbecue, Rice, Balot, Beer, Snacks = Php600/pax/good for 3days & 2nights

>> Peanut Kisses: Php120/pack [16pcs.] x 2 = Php240
>> Souvenir Shirt:
Extra small colored t-shirt [size 14] = Php95
Medium colored t-shirt[size 20] = Php110
Baby size white t-shirt for 1yr. old [size 10] = Php75
>> Souvenir Handcrafts: Wallets
Small Size Php70/each
Large Size Php90/each
Tube Style Php5/each x 2 = Php10

For Hotel, Countryside Tour, & Panglao Tour. Please see below contact details:

Mr. Ranil Concha - 0919-3443365
= Rented Van (Countryside Tour)

Mr. Jonathan - 0926-4427830
= Island Hopping (Panglao Tour.. dolphin watching, balicasag island, virgin island)

Ms. Ping – 0918-2411763 or visit their website Citadel Alona Inn
= Budget Accomodation

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